Hybrid OR Native? Big Question to Ask for Your Next Mobile App

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Hybrid OR Native? Big Question to Ask for Your Next Mobile App

Before making an investment in mobile apps, business owners should decide whether they should choose to develop native apps or hybrid apps. Consider the pros and cons as well as the differences between the two and make the right choice.

Let’s have a deeper look into this question, shall we?

Native Apps
A native mobile app is designed to operate and run on a particular platform or operating system. In simple words, native app is a type of mobile application that is designed and coded to cater to one particular platform. Some of the popular operating systems are iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry. The users need to search for a relevant mobile store (such as the App Store or Google Play) and download the app. These apps remain along with the device and make use of the device features such as the GPS, accelerometer, camera, etc. Different versions of the application need to be programmed to run on iOS and Android. The developers choose this type of development when the app requires complex features and functions. If the users need a cross platform app, then different versions of the application need to be programmed to run on different OS. It might be expensive for the business owners to get two different versions of the same app developed. According to the business requirements and budget, one should decide whether the app should be built for a single platform or multiple ones.

Hybrid Apps
Hybrid apps are quite faster and cheaper as compared to native apps. Without making a huge investment of money and efforts, the business owners can get a unique application with enhanced user experience. These apps are created using web technologies that are compatible with multiple platforms and are coded in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Hybrid apps do not target web browsers, but they are targeted to WebView, which is embedded inside a native container. In short, hybrid apps are a combination of native and web apps.

Answer to Big Question
The decision of picking the right category of app solely depends on the client’s business requirements and the budget. Talk to expert developers to help you make the right decision whether to select native or hybrid app development solutions.

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