Business Intelligence

Know The Data Ropes, Scale The Business Growth Rope

Acquiring more knowledge backwards and forward about business and the market, and that too swiftly is always a boon for the business. To stay ahead of curve, analytics data can do wonders for you. If you consider data the comprehensive fuel that drives digital economy, business intelligence is the power that impels growth.

Empower Your Business With Right Insights

In this dog eat dog business world, to be the edge in the business competition you need quick access to data about business market, competitors and customers. Chunk of data or big data drives the challenges of business intelligence. OptimizedApps dedicated team of business intelligence ensures you stop worrying about data analytics and offers you a detailed analysis through BI technology solution.

Work On Any Data Source

With BI solutions you can easily work with your data from anywhere, either cloud or in-house. Collect and analyze data from files, databases, cloud drives, feeds and other business applications.

Captivating Visual Analysis

The BI applications don’t just help you with the easy access but helps you to prepare the reports and dashboards with beautiful and easy to drop interface. The applications developed by us always has wide range of reporting elements to select from.

Data Blending

Use, analyze and combine various data from different sources effortlessly to generate cross functional reports. For instance, if you desire to create spend vs sales report, you can pick data from marketing spend data in Excel files and sales data from CRM.

Collaborate Online Easily & Securely

Generate and analyze the reports with your colleagues together online. You can easily share the files with each other privately. Access embed reports anywhere or email them periodically.

Excellent Security

Tailored by robust security practices with various strong features like redundancy and encrypted connection, will guarantee that data is secure and safe.

Quick Insights

We give you BI solutions that are comprised of latest database technology with proficient Analytics Engine, which has the capability to go through hundreds of millions of records and give you desired results in few seconds.

Scale Your Business GROWTH – Business Intelligence Services


OptimizedApp’s business intelligence consulting service endeavours will range from single consultant tailoring a plan to implement BI solution to complete design and development.


OptimizedApps will make you awe-struck with its customized dashboard services which will showcase specific things based on business objective. The mainstream dashboards includes metrics and performance score card. With our BI dashboard services you get an insight of performance at personal and business level.


OptimizedApps offers various unique and witty techniques to implement an open source business solution for your business. We have a dedicated team of BI implementation professionals who not just carry wide knowledge about it but have excellent capability to leverage vast open source technology implementation expertise to provide you the system you were looking for.

OptimizedApps Speciality With BI

Our solutions are designed to effortlessly take business decisions for large multinational organizations, corporate executives and entrepreneurs. To offer you the excellence we work hours on variety of business intelligence tools, business applications and various creative techniques, so that you leverage the benefit of reports, dashboards, and data visualization just to scale business growth.

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