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The time is now, begin revolution with us today! Our employees insights & passionate energy create the new wave of possibilities. Be part of a career where learning will never end.


Remarkable Growth

OptimizedApps believe in making people’s life easy as here you can choose your own goal for generating results while creating the basis of your efforts. The appraisal policy is tailored to assess your personal growth and the professional contributions for the company.

Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are an ingrained part of our fun loving culture. We are transparent to every thing and ensure our employees feel included, safe and an crucial part of the business. Our such culture is one of the reason for high level of engagement, innovation and productivity.


Work & Fun Balance

At OptimizedApps, work and fun go together like salt and pepper. We give utmost importance to creativity and thus acknowledge the meaning of flexibility to support personal accountability. The policies are tailored in a way to equalize the weight-scale for both.

Join us

It is the passion to excel that propels enthusiasm and creative unrest in our talented pool of manpower. If individual passion works as fuel, collaboration and collective effort make the binding force for our growth and achievements. That’s were ‘TEAM’ plays the role. Join a fantastic team to accelerate your career and enjoy working at a place where your contribution can create fathomable difference. Plan your success journey by sending your resume to

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