When World Moved To Cloud It Transformed To Technology World

We are sure you may ponder upon, what Cloud Computing is. The cloud term in cloud computing is a metaphor referring to INTERNET. In simple terms it is Internet based computing. The computing resources like serves, data centers, applications are stored and shared over the internet rather than deploying it on local servers. Using this opportunity, the organizations started to provide scalable and expandable software on internet which is referred as a service to users.

Power Innovation With Various Cloud Computing Models

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The cloud application service, Software as a Service (SaaS) where the software is delivered as a service on the internet that abolishes the requirement of having the vast infrastructure, maintaining and supporting it. At OptimizedApps we bestow you with simplified SaaS solutions that streamline business processes while keeping your wallet green.

Platform As A Service (PAAS)

The PaaS Solutions helps you to get rid of all complexities of building and maintaining application infrastructure. We help you to build custom multi-tenant applications which are not dependent on any platform. We take all advantage of PaaS open architecture.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

The third Cloud Service Application, Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) where you will be using the virtual machine on someone else servers can benefit you with flexibility and control over various IT resources like a physical server, network, and storage space. It helps you to build the sturdy infrastructure of anything like storage, network, servers & Os based on secure IP based connectivity.

Models for Cloud Computing Services Deployment

Public Cloud

Our cloud computing solutions on public cloud help you to achieve highest level of efficiency maintaining the economy level. No matter it is Amazon, Rackspace or any other public cloud we guarantee you that you will leverage a complete benefit of public cloud.

Private Cloud

We provide you private cloud based solutions not beyond the physical boundaries of your company, as we need to take care of the security and data privacy issues. As absolute business depends on data and core applications, OptimizedApps thinks of every single issue and works accordingly.

Hybrid Cloud

We help you with the custom hybrid cloud solutions that are developed to standout and it uses each aspect of public and private cloud. We deploy both the cloud platforms together in the best optimal way to endow you the advantages of both models.

Choice Cloud For Class – Benefits Of Cloud Computing

In present dog eat dog business world, it is of utter importance that technology leaders adopt optimal solutions that are cost-effective, bring excellence and improve productivity. Cloud computing is the key to all aspects. Cloud computing drives an evidential makeover of your IT department operations, infrastructure, programming models, data centre and more.

“Cloud Is The Answer To IT Complexities”

  • Your Wallets Will Always Stay Green – Cost Savings
  • Scale Up Productivity & Performance
  • Faster Updates & Responses To Problems

The Modern Cloud Computing Services Lens For Your Enterprise To Lead To A Successful Journey To Cloud

Cloud Application Development

We adorned with the best technology expertise and modern technology, deliver prodigent custom cloud applications based on public, private and hybrid cloud platforms of required services – SAAS, PAAS or IAAS.

Cloud Migration

We move you to success, yes we move you to cloud. We migrate your applications to cloud endowing you with nonpareil computing power, and designing and developing your application to flexible infrastructure services as required by your business goals.

Cloud Integration

With our services you can deliver data without any issue by connecting applications and data sources throughout the enterprise network with help of cloud based solutions.

Cloud Configuration

We customize cloud configurations to meet your infrastructure needs of your business, which helps you with improved scalability, better information recovery and awe-inspiring utility of our application.

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

We support you in discovering the best IT drivers for cloud according to your business and outline the future cloud roadmap while selecting the best cloud platform.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Based on your selection of cloud services, we guide you with the plan, strategy and developing of cloud infrastructure.

Drive Your Business With Faster Innovations For Real-Time Enterprises