Our Approach

It’s A Development Marathon

Whether the job is to develop an App or an website, they take a lot effort to bring into the world just like the babies. Seting the reality apart, we at OptimizedApps turn the tables of the mainstream development endeavour to a new pace level working hard at each stage from research to maintaining it – taking the project from adulthood to mature level in very minimum time. You’ll find us at every ‘whenever’, ‘wherever’ and ‘however’ of these development stages, from fixing bug to major overhauls. Yes! We take our development parenting responsibility earnestly.

research & discovery

Research & Discovery

Laying The Foundation

Idea is the initial conceptualization of any project. We define a idea while diving deep into the users needs and understanding the business problems & goals. We work and interview the stakeholder, define the technical and business possibilities, do a detailed competitor analysis and thus define the most innovative technical solution.

the story board

The Story Board

Deciding The Order

Once we form a outline of technical solution, we start with identifying the users of the system, what nature the users carry, the way they work, and their expectations.

product concepting

Product Concepting


The optimal way to execute the imagination is creating the prototype. Consequently we work on prototypes to test ideas and validate the various technical assumptions. During this iterative process we work on possible solutions, work on errors identified done while research. At last we work on team structure and document the requirements that cannot be achieved.

design & Development

Design & Development

A Start To Finish

In order to deliver adaptive software development experience we work in frequent iterative sessions with our designers and developers. The product release drives to various brainstorming sessions and at last we make sure the development work satisfies the user and customer expectations.



Don’t Stress Over The Error Mess

The work is undergone for the functional, usability, performance and integration test to get a robust and scalable app.



Stay Upgraded To Your Growth

We will support you with the maintenance of the app whenever needed. It might include various upgrades, monitoring, solving errors and developing required functionality.

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