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At OptimizedApps, we develop performance-optimized, scalable, serious (yet beautiful) apps for iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows including wearable using native, web, and hybrid/cross-platform mobile application development technologies.

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Power your digital transformation with our mobile strategy & mobile app that works as a catalyst in simplifying the integrating process workflows between individual-to-individual, individual-to-system or system-to-system interactions.


We outline the mobility solutions based on the industry specific requirements, use cases and target audience to fulfill the business requirements. We create the excellence with exquisite UI/UX and eternal functionality.


We acknowledge the fact that consumers don’t download an app until its serves their required purpose. We help you to create a competitive customer-centric app which are used by consumers globally and multiple times a day.

iOS App Development

In the current paradigm shift, the mobile platform that changed the world of mobility and mobile apps is definitely iOS. The platform that created 100 million downloads worldwide is sure to offer your business a required reach for accomplishing the business goals. We work out on thrilling and challenging concepts to deliver you awe-inspiring solutions for any business to gain attention while achieving their goal.

  • iOS Apps Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Apple Watch Development
  • iOS Maintenance & Support

  • iPhone App Design
  • iOS Widget Development
  • iPhone App Testing & Support
  • mCommerce – mStore Development

Android App Development

Today 70% of the smartphone landscape is won by Android. The time from its launch in 2008, the Android OS did not stop and created a constant growth graph.  We cover the complete android spectrum in creating futuristic & customer centric functional apps for smartphones, Android Tv, Tablets, or any Android Wear.

  • Custom Android App Development
  • Android TV App
  • Android Tablet Apps
  • Android mCommerce Apps

  • Android App Design
  • Android App Testing
  • Android App Support
  • Android Widget Development

Smart Watch Apps  / Wearable Device Apps Development

List of possibilities that wearable technology offers has excited the entire world forcing leading technology companies to foray into the wearable technology space. Wearables like Watches, Google Glass, Fitness / Health Tracker etc. have come to the fore. Industries like healthcare and fitness industry are highly influenced by the capabilities of the wearable devices. We help any mobile app tap on the possibility of Wearables apps with remarkably easy, simple and flexible wearable experience.

VR Apps

We develop multi-platform VR apps for Oculus, Google Cardboard, iOS, Android,Gear VR, web players and more – you can choose anything you are in need of.

Fitness / Health Tracker Devices

We all know health tracking devices are the future. We help you to stand out in current cutting edge world with various customized health technology apps required like Fitbit, Strava or Runtastic.

  • Custom Wearable Device App Development
  • Android wear Application Development
  • Apple Watch Application Development
  • Wearable App Development for iOS

  • IoT based Wearable App Development
  • Augmented Reality App Development for Wearables
  • Testing of Apps for Wearable Device Compatibility
  • Recreating Existing Apps for Wearables

Cross Platform Apps

Cross Platform technologies help Mobile app development projects to be delivered faster and on-budget. OptimizedApps, the best Mobile app Development Company specializes in cross-platform apps which includes Native Cross-Platform Apps and Hybrid ‘HTML5’ Cross-Platform Apps. Using Cross Platform technologies we help deliver stunning apps quickly – without compromising on security, features, user experience, or cost.

  • PhoneGap App Development
  • Xamarin App Development
  • React Native App Development
  • Hybrid Cordova App Development

Augmented Reality

We make the optimal use of AR technology and revolutionize your creative imaginations and business goals into reality. We serve the most powerful, professional augmented reality apps that create a difference. Leave your worries of AR application development services on us.

Mobile Application Testing 

Our designed out of box testing strategies help us to uncover every issue at the development stages for an excellent efficiency of your app.

  • Mobile App Automation Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Performance Testing

Mobile Monetization Models

OptimizedApps app monetization services help maximize your yield & exceed your revenue goals by wide covering a range of models including ads, video, in-app purchase and payments.

Mobile Application Services

App Strategy

OptimizedApps helps you to come into the picture and serve you excellent – out-of-box mobile strategies for you and your customer through modern and remarkable mobile apps.

App Designing

Our app design services help you to create a top-notch interface. We use cutting-edge technologies and design ideas that embellish the complete visual factor of your app and grab the attention of the customers with pure innovation.

Support & Maintenance

OptimzedApps maintains your mobile app with quick, reliable, and all the time support services which not just maintains the app but improves it with extraordinary features or fixing bugs, making sure it runs up-to-date without any issue.

App Marketing

Don’t be the needle in the haystack. Yes! We get your app shined in between the haystack with our creative marketing skills. In order to gain success, it’s crucial to have a clear and efficient app marketing strategy. A good app without marketing leads nowhere.

App Porting

We offer you app porting services customized for your requirements – including each thing from the basic operating system upgrade to porting the complex solutions like iOS to Android app, localization with latest devices.

App Testing

It’s certain and required to ensure that your app is fit to land in the app market. In order to get this done with a professional approach, it is essential that your app goes through testing service. The service won’t just ensure flawless performance but serve you better functionality, usability and consistency.

Domain Experience

Get Acknowledged To Our Domain Speciality With Trusted Mobility Solution Providers


Mobile Healthcare

Considering our years of experience in healthcare domain knowledge and mobile technology, we help you to avail an elegant, innate, secure Health apps created to fulfil your end-users unique needs. We are not just developers, we understand how to simplify the complexities involved in healthcare workflows.


Workflow Management

We tend to have years of expertise in serving you a prominent mobile workflow solution that not just simplifies the business operations but even helps you to grow productive by saving you time and money. We ensure to design apps that streamline initial task to the end program of invoicing. In simple terms, we help you to create a friendly end to end management solution.


Social Networking

Social media has excelled its value in past years. Harnessing the advantage and power of social media networks we help you to connect your brand and businesses with your customers. Our each social app is created to best reach your targeted audience and consequently achieve your business goals. We help you to create bold and branded promotional apps, creative contest apps, viral sweepstakes apps, fun and interactive social games, intellectual quiz apps to spark your conversations with the audience and create a memorable experience.


Sports, Lifestyle & Utility Apps

We have a seasoned team to help you build utility, lifestyle and sports apps for a specific in-demand platform like iPhone, Windows, Cloud-based and Android. We ensure to excel the mobile user experience by changing the apps to powerful tools for fitness, entertainment or any other utility apps.

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