Electronic Medical Records Systems

You can use this App to easily save medical records, patient history, health information.


  • All your info (including medical data) are stored in your device.
  • Username and password authentication.
  • Export medical data to Excel Sheet.
  • You can attach documents of any file type (pdf, word …etc) or capture it using
    camera or video recording.
  • The availability to store patient address: latitude, longitude using maps.
  • The availability to launch Google Maps navigation to drive to the patient stored address
    starting from your current location.
  • Medical history.
  • Lab Tests module.
  • Radiology module.
  • Appointment module to track patient appointments .
  • Smart Search by name or ID, you can capture a photo for your profile.
  • Record video or image capture for medical activities, with or instead of writing text.
  • Smart Search by name or ID, you can capture a photo for your profile.
  • Full screen image slider to browse reports which captured by the user.
  • Full screen video viewer to display Videos taken.
  • Pick up medical document stored as Picture or video from Image gallery.
  • Capability of adding patient information via the device contact list; if the patient info is on the device contacts list
    Physicians can use this app as clinic information system or clinic management system, Doctor Patient Medical record.
  • Useful to store the medical family history of your family members, thus makes it easy for your doctor to track your medical info history.